BROWZ – Brand Content

Leading UAE beauty salon BROWZ boast a high-quality standard in their eyebrow, eyelashes, lips and skincare treatments, and felt that their online presence should reflect that. Therefore, we qualified them as perfect candidates for the silver FTEN X package.

Following a consultation meeting, we created a structured content plan for BROWZ, outlining each month’s video and photo deliverables. This includes footage of the salon, various staged treatments and interviews with key staff.

This silver FTEN X package includes a crew of one camera operator and one photographer per session.

Each month’s finalised videos and photos are posted to BROWZ’s social media channels and used in offline sales assets.

Gear used:

◾ Sony FX6
◾ Sony G M Lenses
◾ Sony A7RIV
◾ Nikkor Vintage AI-S Lenses