Content that matters to you, and us.

We work with all shapes, sizes and sectors. From big name brands, educational institutions, government entities and not-for-profits,

we’re all about producing compelling content that makes an impact on your customer and bottom line. No matter the brief or budget, we can help you with;

◾ Advertising / Commercials
◾ Events
◾ Corporate
◾ Lifestyle and Tourism

◾ News / Broadcast / Live Streaming
◾ Documentaries
◾ Social Media Content
◾ Drones

◾ Animation
◾ Line Production
◾ Location / Filming Permits
◾ Photography










We do it right, or not at all.

When a project is nurtured from concept to completion, true magic happens. Here’s a rundown of how we’ll work with you every step of the way to

make sure the end result exceeds all your expectations.

The foundation of any great idea. In this early stage of the process we work one-on-one with you to make sure we have the same vision, end-goal and understanding of the project so we can align our creative thinking with your requirements.
Once we’ve cracked an awesome concept, the pre-production process becomes paramount. This includes everything from costing, storyboarding, scriptwriting, visual treatments, and location scouting. We also pull together a competent crew to help with casting, production design, scheduling and any last minute logistics.
‘We’ll fix it in post’ is not a phrase we like to utter. Using the best directors, lighting crew, make-up artists, stylists and filming equipment, we work against the clock (and the light) to make sure we nail every shot.
We’re meticulous when it comes to our content digestion process. Through thoughtful editing, expert post-production, flawless colour grading, immersive visual effects and on-point sound design, we’re able to take your narrative to a whole new level.
The day we’ve all been waiting for. When all our blood, sweat and tears are compressed into one perfectly rendered file. Securely transferred to you into a multitude of manageable formats and file sizes, your product is now ready to be launched into the world.


Making an impact, no matter the brand.

We’re proud to say that throughout our history we have worked with over 30+ industries. This has enabled us to expand our knowledge, broaden our creative horizons and cater to a world of unique mindsets, services and products.

From small start-ups, big corporates, right through to A-lister celebrities (such as Will Smith, Ellen Page and Kal Penn), we work with clients that trust us in our ability to tell stories that matter and create content that delivers.


Where technology meets talent.

While we’re not ‘gear snobs’ we pride ourselves on our ability to offer the highest quality equipment and filming kits for our clients, while keeping in mind affordability.

Whether we’re working on a live event, corporate film, TV commercial, news broadcast or Bollywood feature film, we use our in depth equipment knowledge to capture every shot perfectly.

Storing gear in-house, we are able to cater to a broad range of jobs whether they require pro-consumer broadcast cameras right through to high quality cine cameras.

For us, technical excellence is imperative. Which is why we also ensure we innovate our day-to-day business processes, with an impressive IT back end and entire asset ecosystem to run a secure and streamlined production house for our clients.


Say hello.

We’re a down-to-earth, laid back bunch, who are always keen for a chat.
Whether you’re an ambitious brand looking to create great content, an independent creator whose talent we can lean on, or an eager individual wanting to join our team, then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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