Mitsubishi Motors - Attrage TVC and Product Walk Around

As part of their launch activity, we were tasked by Mitsubishi Motors Middle East to produce various assets for the Mitsubishi Attrage. This included a commercial, a Product Walk Around video and different campaign assets in order to promote the vehicle and provide a detailed overview of the car to potential customers.

This shoot was split into two days to film the TVC, with the car driving on the road and in action, and two days to capture the Attrage’s detailed features in a studio setting.

Due to the complexity of the shots required, this shoot’s crew included one director, a producer, a DOP, a photographer, one grip, one lighting gaffer, one lighting assistant, and two production assistants.

The Product Walk Around video was used by Mitsubishi Motors Middle East to display the car’s specs and support sales, and the TVC was released onto their social media pages to promote the car’s launch.

Gear used:

◾ Sony FX9
◾ Sony G Master Lenses
◾ Sony 4K Cine Primes T2.0
◾ Sony A7RIV
◾ Arri Sky Panels
◾ Aputure 300D, Aputure 300X
◾ Aputure Dome II / Latern