Mitsubishi Motors X Muji – Mother’s Day Campaign

In 2021, we were tasked with bringing to life a campaign that celebrates mothers and the hard work they do every day. Mitsubishi Motors and Muji came together to launch a three-part video series for Mother’s Day to launch an online competition.

Extensive pre-production work was carried out, including recces, talent castings and wardrobe and props preparation. We then filmed the three videos over three days with a range of actors in various sourced locations, featuring both the Mitsubishi Xpander and the Muji products.

We executed this shoot using a team of a producer, director, art director, DOP and two assistants.

Following each shooting day, we immediately began editing the content and delivered the completed three films within a few days, ready to post in time for Mother’s Day. The posts on Mitsubishi Motors and Muji’s social pages received a reach of over 930,000 viewers and 1.2 million post impressions.

Gear used:

◾ Sony FX6
◾ Sony G Master Lenses
◾ Sony A7RIV
◾ Aputure 300D, Aputure 300X
◾ Aputure Dome II / Latern