SHIELDme – We Do It Better

In 2021, we were hired by Naffco to produce advertisements for their soaps, sanitisers and surface disinfectants brand SHIELDme. We decided to capture their soaps in a fun, engaging way and so we headed to the studio to film six models bringing the soaps to life.

Firstly, we hosted casting sessions and had the studio split into four sections, painting each a different color corresponding to the soaps. During the filming day, we captured each of the six casted models dancing and interacting with various props, as well as the soaps.

This shoot required a crew of one director, one producer, one camera operator, one photographer, two gaffers and four assistants.

We edited and delivered the video and images shortly after the shoot. These were posted to SHIELDme’s website and social media pages.

Gear used:

◾ Sony PMW-F55
◾ Sony Cine Alta Lenses
◾ Easy Rig