Sony MEA – The Dance: Drifting with the FX6

We were tasked by Sony Professional MEA to create content for their Sony Alpha Universe community as part of their ‘Why We Shoot’ campaign in 2021. Our creative team decided to produce a film on the motorsport of drifting and enlisted three local filmmakers to join us.

The crew visited both a garage and a race track over a course of two days, filming a local drift driver in action. We captured the process from start to end, from the car being tuned and modified to drifting around corners on the track. In addition to this, we brought along an additional video and photo camera unit to shoot the team behind the scenes.

This shoot involved a director, a producer, three DOPs and a BTS videographer and photographer.

Following the shoot, the director and editor worked closely to create the final creative film, as well as a behind the scenes film including interviews from each DOP. Both videos were released in an article on the Sony Alpha Universe website.