INC Group -About Us

In 2017, we were hired by INC Group and DigiSled to create a corporate film that would showcase the strategic interior solutions firm’s many strengths in interior designing, and that would assist them in educating their clients on who they are. We collaborated with INC Group to produce a corporate film that would achieve these goals, and help them to win future business by featuring their top projects and impressive existing clients.

During the full day shoot, we filmed the INC Group employees in their daily routines, interacting with clients and creating creative solutions to various interior strategy issues. We also conducted interviews with key employees to gain first-hand testimonies to the vast, creative minds that their team boasts, and how they can support with various aspects of their clients’ requirements.

To accurately capture INC Group’s innovative team and essence, we sent our team of one camera operator, producer and assistant to obtain the required footage and interviews.

Following the shoot, we created a two-minute corporate film that features several interviews from happy employees, supported by stunning footage of their working environment and the team hard at work.

Gear used:

◾ Sony PXW-FS7
◾ Nikkor AI-S Vintage Prime Lenses


To showcase INC Group’s ability to provide the right solution for all interior designing needs under one roof.