Jumeirah Group – Drone Shoot

In 2019, we were tasked by the global hotel giant Jumeirah to film their beautiful and extravagant Dubai resorts to create new marketing materials for each location. We were required to hire two lifestyle models, and subsequently, provide ground and aerial drone filming services. We also provided a photographer to capture behind the scenes images of the team at work on the shoot.

Allocating one day to ground filming and two days to aerial drone filming, we were on hand to capture stunning sweeping shots of the talent exploring the various Jumeirah resorts, walking on the beaches and enjoying the stunning pools that the hotels offer. We also filmed from the helipad of the iconic Burj Al Arab to capture stunning views of the hotels and the city.

Our photographer was able to capture each moment of the shoot, including images of the team hard at work following the talent with heavy gimbals and the producer and client happily discussing the shots being captured.