Sensodyne – Fear no food

In 2019, we partnered with renowned global digital agency Wunderman to produce an advertisement for the world’s leading oral hygiene brand, Sensodyne. The commercial’s purpose was to promote Sensodyne’s products as a solution for sensitive teeth. With a 40person crew and four hired actors, we successfully executed this large production and delivered an entertaining and compelling one minute film.

Our photographer managed to capture the complete essence of the single day shoot in striking images of the custom-built set and intimate moments between the director, producer and client collaborating on their ideas for the production.

The images were delivered to both Wunderman and Sensodyne to allow them to preview the project to their client bases.

Gear used:

◾ Arri Alexa Mini
◾ Arri Ultra Primes
◾ Arri Sky Panels
◾ Panther Dolly
◾ Nucleus-M


Spreading the message tat you don’t need to fear any foods, just use Sensodyne.