Sensodyne – Fear no food

In 2019, we partnered with the renowned advertising agency, Wunderman, to create an advertisement for Sensodyne, one of the world’s leading toothpaste brands. We worked with Wunderman to create a light-hearted concept which saw our hired talent trying ‘Sensitivity-Free Food’.

Our crew worked hard to prepare the studio ahead of the shoot, painting the background and sourcing specific props to be used, as well as building dolly rigs to capture sweeping shots of the products.

This shoot required us to use a crew of a director, 1st AD, producer, DOP, art department, lighting are and grip crew.

The equipment required for this shoot consisted of an Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Ultra Primes, a Panther dolly and Arri Skypanels.

The edited 60 second video was posted to Sensodyne’s social media channels to their thousands of followers. We also created 15 second and six second cut downs, which were used to built excitement towards the release of the main film.

Gear used:

◾ Arri Alexa Mini
◾ Arri Ultra Primes
◾ Arri Sky Panels
◾ Panther Dolly
◾ Nucleus-M


Spreading the message tat you don’t need to fear any foods, just use Sensodyne.