Tefal – The Rules of Cooking

In 2019, we were hired by renowned global digital agency Wunderman to produce two films for Tefal, the famous cookware manufacturer, to promote their three pillars of cooking: perfect searing, even results from a large induction base and the ability to invest in superior and long-lasting cookware. We created two concepts titled ‘The Rules of Cooking’ and ‘The Kitchen Symphony’ which would inform customers of the stellar quality that Tefal has to offer.

We provided a photographer to capture behind the scenes images of the shoot, capturing the two-day shoot in a variety of moments including the crew setting up an overhead rig, the camera operator hard at work using the dolly and the team coming together to discuss their thoughts.

The images were delivered to both Wunderman and Tefal to allow them to preview the project to their client bases.