Volkswagen - VW Teramont - Room For More

As regular photo and video content providers to Volkswagen through Markettiers, we were hired to document their new Volkswagen Teramont activation event in partnership with MCH Global. This event saw multiple journalists and influencers from the region invited to Oman to test-drive Volkswagen’s new first-ever seven-seater SUV.

Over the course of three days, we journeyed across the beautiful country of Oman with the influencers and Volkswagen team, photographing their experience. This included driving through the rocky terrains and experiencing the local culture of the country, all while challenging the impressive features of the Teramont. We captured car-to-car shots along the harsh mountain roads and ensured to showcase the success of the event in the images taken.

The images delivered were used by Volkswagen to promote the Teramont on their social pages, as well as for further marketing purposes. Similarly, MCH Global used the photos in their website portfolio for the event. The images were also posted to the journalists’ and influencers’ social media platforms to promote the brand and the trip.