A. R. Rahman X Ananya Birla - Hindustani Way

In 2021, we had the honor of producing and shooting the music video for Hindustani Wayby A. R. Rahman and Ananya Birle. Hindustani Way is the official Team India cheer song for the Tokyo 2020 olympics and the musicians required a fun and dynamic music video to accompany it.

Our team prepared the studio and spent a full day filming the music video. Our photographers also captured behind the scenes images of the artists and crew.

The team for this shoot included one director, one producer, two camera operators, two photographers, one sound operator and six assistants and production support.

The official music video release received upwards of 17, 530,000 views on YouTube and countless interactions on both musicians’ social media pages.

Gear used:

◾ RED Helium
◾ Ziess Compact Cine Primes
◾ Ronin 2