Nikon MEA – Z6II Review

In 2020, Nikon MEA sent us their newly released Z6II camera and wanted to know our thoughts, so we put our aspiring videographer Holly on the case. Holly’s love for car photography led us to a local classic car meet up event in Dubai, where we put the Z6II to the test.

Holly spent the half day roaming the race track and event space, capturing shots of both the unique classic cars and the excited event goers. We sent another camera operator to shoot behind the scenes footage of Holly in action with the Z6II. We also filmed Holly in the post-production stage editing some images and getting her equipment ready for the shoot.

This shoot required one camera operator and one behind the scenes camera operator, as well as an assistant.

We recorded and added in Holly’s voice over and in-camera shots, and the edited review video was posted to Nikon MEA’s social pages to promote the Z6II camera to its client base using a real user’s experience.