Mitsubishi – Montero Sport - BTS

As our first commercial of 2020, we were commissioned by Mitsubishi Motors and Kinship to film and edit a 60 second commercial for the newly released Montero Sport car. We were tasked with showcasing the car’s versatility and ability to drive on both city roads and desert terrains, which we executed perfectly due to our expertise in both filming cars and scouting the perfect desert locations.

During the three day shoot, our photographer managed to capture stunning behind the scenes images of the preparation and execution of the project, capturing every aspect from setting up the car rig in the early hours of the morning, to the close detail-focused eye of the director sharing his vision for the next shot, to the crew sharing a laugh over the lunch break.

These images were posted to Mitsubishi Motors’ social media platforms in order to build excitement among their vast follower base for the release of the video.