Arabian Adventures MICE - A Step Back In Time

In the spring of 2018, we travelled to Oman with Arabian Adventures, in partnership with OUA Travel and Oman Tourism, with the intent to capture the beauty of this relatively undiscovered country and showcase this in a visually stunning film to help advertise the region. Our team travelled around the country for a week, and got close and personal with the fascinating people and breath-taking landscapes to explore the beauty and essence of Oman, shooting the traditional as well as the modern experiences that the captivating country has to offer.

We spent each night of the trip in a new location, filming everything the country has to offer, from beautiful luxury hotels to incredible lost cities in the mountain, to breathing in the fascinating history and art of the city. We went to great lengths to ensure the best content was being captured, sending our camera operators into deep wadis and climbing up rocky mountain paths to get the best angles and views, all while saddled with equipment and with great determination.
To ensure the best footage and production quality, we brought on board a team of one producer, two camera operators, a photographer, and three production assistants along for the week-long shoot.

Upon our return to the edit suite, we edited a stunning three-minute film which incorporated the sights, sounds and emotions of the country. This film was used by Arabian Adventures, OUA Travel and Oman Tourism to promote Oman as the perfect tourist destination, catering for each type of traveller. This was very well-received, and so we were again hired to create further deliverables for Arabian Adventures’ different audiences, using the abundance of great footage we had captured.

The range of photo assets also taken from shoot gave us enough material to produce a coffee table book which we created as a thank you.