Guinness - Barasti Beach Bar - Rugby Challenge

We were hired by Urban Events and the famous Barasti Beach Bar to film and photograph their Guinness Area 22 Rugby Challenge event as contestants vied for the chance to win four tickets to travel to watch the England VS Ireland match in Twickenham. Our hard-working team captured each moment of the participants’ efforts across the course, as onlookers cheered on from the pool.

To capture exciting footage and ensure that no crucial moment of the competition was missed, our team ran, jumped and crawled alongside the contestants as they dodged various obstacles. We captured the determination and range of emotions on contestants’ faces as they competed for the grand prize, and filmed celebratory interviews with the winning team.

We provided a team of one producer, one camera operator, one Steadicam operator, one photographer and to assistants to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.

Barasti Beach Bar and Guinness promoted the video on their social pages to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Gear used:

◾ Sony PXW-FS7
◾ Steadicam
◾ Canon L Series Lenses
◾ Sigma Art Lenses


To promote Barasti Beach Bar’s fun environment to potential customers.