Keane Brands - Park House - Kite Beach

In 2015, we were commissioned by award-winning global strategy and design firm Keane Brands to photograph their recent re-branding of the popular local beach restaurant, Park House. They had spent many months re-designing and creating the beloved café’s new brand and required photo content to promote its transformation to the local community.

We spent a full day in Park House, photographing interiors and exteriors of the restaurant in creative close-up images of the textures and details as well as wide shots of the outdoor seating. We focused on showcasing the unique designs that the location boasts, and ensured to capture the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant.

The 100+ images delivered were used by Park House to announce their new look on their social media channels. The photos were also displayed in Keane Brands’ online branding portfolio to showcase their successful work and attract future clients to hire them.