Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing - Dubai Way

In 2017, we were commissioned by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Marketing (DTCM) to produce an animated film which would promote the newly-launched Dubai Way training program to the tourism and hospitality industries. The online learning program offers various training videos, information and assessments concerning the standards that all tourist-facing individuals and entities must hold. The platform aims to deliver exceptional visitor experiences to all tourists visiting Dubai consistently and hopes to welcome 20 million visitors by 2020 as a result.

This project required us to conduct comprehensive pre-production in planning each animated sequence and methods in which to portray the necessary information creatively and effectively.
We enlisted a team of one animator and one production supervisor to oversee the project and ensure that the message was being conveyed innovatively.

We delivered a two minute animated film, as both English and Arabic versions. These were very well-received and were promoted by DTCM to the tourism and hospitality industry professionals of the city.

Gear used:


To promote the educational program Dubai Way as a tool to excel in the tourism, hospitality and customer service industries.