Jones The Grocer - Franchise Video

In 2018, favourite gourmet food restaurant Jones The Grocer hired us to produce a video for them, which would serve the purpose of enticing potential franchise partners to invest in and help to grow the company. We collaborated to create a film of a day in the life at Jones The Grocer, which saw the clock ticking as the staff went through their days, giving us an insight into the fun and hard work that goes into the loved food spot.

To achieve this mission, we filmed the staff preparing and baking the bread from four in the morning, to seating and serving happy customers at 10, to managing the lunch rush from 12:30 PM, to hosting fun and educational cooking classes at 7:30 PM, to serving travellers at their Dubai Airport location close to midnight. We then captured supporting interviews from various members of the Jones The Grocer team happily attesting to their enjoyable responsibilities and the excellent restaurant.

For this two day shoot, we provided a team of one producer, one camera operator and one assistant to capture the required interviews and b-roll.

Upon our return to our edit suite, we created and delivered an informative but entertaining three-minute video that explained the company’s desire to expand to franchisers, and what a typical day working at their locations entails. This video is used by Jones The Grocer to entice potential franchisers, and sits on their website for all to view.

Gear used:

◾ Sony PXW-FS7
◾ Nikkor AI-S prime lenses


To reach out and attract the right business partners in order to expand into new global territories.