UTV Bindass - Halla Bol Aankh

We were booked by UTV Bindass to spread the word of attitude and responsibilities for the youth of India through video. We achieved this by filming the story of a woman constantly harassed by men, and captured her true emotions and natural reactions to emphasize the authenticity of the situations.

Our team spent ______ days in the city of ______ to capture the complex shots using various talents. Prior to the shoot, we worked with the client to create an ideal shot list that would portray the desired message of the show accurately and creatively.

This shoot required a team of _________________.

We then created three 30 second promotional films which would advertise the show, incorporating voice over to __________ what does the VO say? These videos were aired on UTV Bindass to hundreds of thousands of viewers and the show achieved over 22,600,000 views to date.

Gear used:


To launch the Halla Bol Aankh campaign aimed towards the awareness and combating of female harassment amongst the youth in India.